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I joined The Elwick Club in 1976 to play squash and been a member ever since even though I spent thirteen years in Folkestone and only visited The Elwick Club a few times each year due to my business and other commitments but it would be unthinkable not to have continued paying my membership and supporting such a lovely club steeped in history as it was formed in 1883 by Farmers.

Although over the years members have come and gone for various reasons it still retains it’s warm and welcoming atmosphere which is felt the moment you enter The Elwick Club and is further enhanced when you meet the friendly staff and members.

We have had wonderful evenings with entertainment provided by individual singers, groups and bands pre Covid times and look forward to getting back to these times once all this is over. We have also been entertained by celebrities such as Ron Lobeck and Willie Thorn playing exhibition snooker matches. Meanwhile we still have quiz nights, race nights and themed food evenings which are all well attended.

I cannot think of a better place in Ashford to meet friends, colleagues and business connections than at The Elwick Club.

If you are not a member at present please call in one evening and we will be pleased to show you around our wonderful Club which I am so proud of being a member and part of for over 40 years and you will not be disappointed.

Chris Raines

Chris Raines

I was first introduced to the Elwick Club back in the mid 1970’s as a guest, and at that time it was a very different club from today, it was later that I was proposed to become a member which I felt was quite an honour.

So off went my membership application, a few weeks later I received a letter requesting me to attend a meeting of the Committee, also asking if my Wife would be joining as well, and to bring her along too, which she did (best frock and all).

The time came and we found ourselves waiting in the Members Bar, it didn’t seem long before I was summons to the Committee room where I was asked to take a seat. After some introductions I was asked, why do you want to become a member of the Elwick Club.

And the reason still stays the same some 40 years on.

The Elwick Club offered something different, as soon as you walk in you were made to feel part of something, it is somewhere that you felt completely relaxed and comfortable.

And like all the other members the club is regarded something to be proud of, and that in my mine still remains the same today, although I have seen many changes, which I must admit have been for the better.

It doesn’t matter if you decide to become a member to play Squash, Snooker or Pool, or simple to enjoy the company of likeminded people, nowadays one thing still remains constant, and that is, you will find yourself warmly welcomed.

You will also enjoy great food from our resident Chef David and his team FFF Catering, including Lunch time bites, Themed Nights, to a fantastic Carvery, and our very successful Coffee, Cake and Chatter morning on the last Friday of the month, plus all the entertainment organised by our friendly Manager Nicky, who will always make you feel welcomed.

One last thing, when you decide to become a Member, you are actually part of The Elwick Club.

Regards Barry & Linda Louder.

Barry & Linda Louder.

After some research into the various social clubs in Ashford, my wife and I thought that we would visit the Elwick club.

Our reason for wanting to join a social club was to find a place we both felt comfortable going to, where we might be surrounded by like minded people and where we could have a relaxing drink or something to eat whilst increasing our circle of friends.

What immediately appealed to us on our first visit was the friendly reception we received from club members who made us feel very welcome.

That was 4 years ago and it soon became our “go to place” for a night out, whether for a drink and a chat, a meal out, or to enjoy one of the many evenings of entertainment that the club arranges.

We have over this time made many new friends and would recommend the Elwick to anyone looking for somewhere to relax, in friendly and comfortable surroundings.

Sandra & Vic Cook


Sandra & Vic Cook

I started visiting the Elwick Club in the early 90’s to play squash.

I was impressed by the fact that members were friendly and quickly knew your name.

Over the subsequent years it has become a place of refuge and friendship for myself and wife. We have had many great days of entertainment and social enjoyment over the years.

Les Brooker


My wife and I joined the Elwick Club after hiring the hall for a Birthday party.

We will never forget the first Sunday we went for a drink shortly after joining, the warmth and amazing welcome we received form the members that day

The staff were also so friendly. We have made a lot of good friends over the years of being members.



I joined the Elwick Club in 1992 and have been a member now for almost 29 years. I originally joined the club for it’s excellent squash and snooker facilities but very quickly realised that the Elwick Club was far more than just this…the club truly is a social club first and foremost and it’s just as welcoming to the wives and ladies as the men!

The members are all lovely people from different walks of life with different professions. It’s quite amazing how many different business people I’ve got to know over the years. The club regularly holds special events and social evenings and we are blessed with an excellent chef who’s meals are simply to die for.

The Elwick Club is a private members club and certainly not a ‘run of the mill’ club or establishment. It’s also the only place I know where your wife, girlfriend or partner can come along to and feel totally at ease, even on their own.

The Elwick Club is a very special place..why not come along and sample it yourself?

Ted Morgan