Members Club
The Elwick Club, Church Road, Ashford, Kent. TN23 1RD
01233 620043

Hire A Room

Join Our Exclusive Club and take advantage of great deals on training course room hire for up to 50 people for. Prices from only £150 per day.

All function rooms at The Elwick Club are available for hire to both members and non-members.
The Club Room provides a more relaxed and livelier environment where one can party whilst dining casually, and listening or dancing to a live band or disco. It’s ideal for lively office or birthday parties or for just holding an impromptu event such as a family get-together.
The restaurant bar offers a more intimate atmosphere suitable for smaller parties.
Please note that if you hire any of our function rooms, any young children will need to be off the premises by 10PM.
Further details about any of the rooms, available dates, menu/food options can be provided, please call the club manager on 01233 620043 or send an email to:


Our Main room perfect for holding classes, meetings etc

Measures approx: 24 x 43ft


Perfect for dance classes and functions of all types.

Measures approx: 20 x 43ft